Professional Headset Microphones Since 2006

Since 2006

Welcome to Just Audio Gear. We are an Australian designer and manufacturer of Headset Microphones, utilising global technologies to bring to you a professional product that will help your production exceed expectation. Its all we do! As we focus ONLY on headset Microphones, we are able to dedicate our resources to that art, providing you with a product you can have complete confidence in.

Reliable, sturdy, discrete and fully serviceable, not to mention, amazing sound reproduction, the JAG IMX6A and IM5A have become the go-to headsets in Australia for production companies all over the continent. The IMX6A is also now exported to Europe, with a growing market in the UK through our partner, DBS Solutions.

For more information please explore our site where you can find dealers/resellers and specifications. As a service, we can also customise the headband to suit larger head or face shapes, in addition to the child and standard sizes we supply. Do not hesitate to contact a reseller or Just Audio Gear for further information.


Would you like to join our retail distribution network? Unlike most brands, we do not retail in every shop front or online store. We are interested in working with retailers who not only genuinely seek quality niche products, but also understand and have experience in headset microphones and support that market. If you feel the JAG headset range will compliment your offerings, please contact us to discuss this opportunity.



Production Companies

The JAG Headset range has always been production focused, hence why you too, should join the many production companies who utilise the JAG series in their hire kits. Sturdy, discrete and with superior sound reproduction, the JAG IMX6A is a premium product that competes with the big names with a significant cost effective acquisition price. The IMX6A is a truly professional microphone capable of beautifully capturing the best of Tenors, Sopranos and other singers and vocal acts. Inquire now for more information as our partner.

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